He never stops moving. 

He is pulling me to his books, 'read book momma.' He is dragging me to the fridge, 'milk pwease.' He is grasping my finger begging, 'come on, help-a me.' He sings Luke Bryan 'Kick-a the Dust Up' literally like no other; tapping those little toes so perfectly in beat. 

We plays trucks, and trains, and build Lincoln Log homes. We run errands, we make meals, we attempt to keep calm with this crazy schedule. This sweet, tiny, rambunctious boy has me going all day long. And. I. Love. It (with the assistance of ALL coffee that is).

But today, at nap time things were different. He pulled his blanket from his crib, grabbed his (not so) hidden pacifier, and lead me to his rocking chair. He looked up at me, with those baby blues, and said 'momma, tuddle me please.' I scooped him up. pulled him in, and he absolutely buried his entire body against mine. 

And he was still. COMPLETELY still. He feel asleep in that position almost instantly. And that hasn't happened in what feels like eternity. 

I than began to reflect on how busy this world is. Always planning, and looking forward to tomorrow, or the next. Am I the reason Brooks never stops moving? Does he see me doing the same?

Guilty as charged.

So I beg, with all the tears in my eyes, can we all just STOP for a minute? And find peace in the tiny moments. The ones that I feel like are getting covered up by the bussle of this life.